Människan Men Hair Care Kit


This is the specific professional Grooming line, dedicated to the charismatic guy with a strong identity. Creativity, dedication to care products, maximum attention to detail and Italian-made elegance make this an exclusive product range. Studied and devised based on the experience of men and their grooming needs. A complete, no-frills range for every aspect of the daily body, beard and hair care rituals. All of the MÄNNISKAN products come in a distinctive designer pack, featuring professional formulas and guarantee absolute performance.

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Människan Men Hair Care Kit

Product 1 – 3 in 1 Tonifying Shampoo & Shower Gel 250ml – A single product, practical and versatile, for a balanced way to cleanse the beard, hair and body. The mix of natural elements brings tone and a light invigorating sensation, thanks to the Zeolite, a detoxifying, antioxidant volcanic mineral. With Red Sandalwood, for its regenerating, soothing and conditioning properties.

Product 2 – Strengthening Conditioner 250ml – Hair conditioner enriched with Red Sandalwood and Olive Oil. Hydrates, softens and strengthens the hair, without weighing it down. Brings suppleness and vigor to dull, lifeless hair.

Product 3 – Smooth Shave Gel 150ml – Soft gel with a special texture ideal for contours and precision shaving. The plant extracts perform a refreshing, soothing action, for a comfortable shave. The Aloe Vera nourishes the skin and prevents irritation and redness, stimulating the production of collagen.

Product 4 – Lenitive After Shave Cream 150ml – Gentle, refreshing cream. Moisturizes and sooths the skin after shaving, relieving redness, irritation and itching. The special mix of plant extracts helps to calm the skin and accelerates the healing of small cuts.

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