Beox BTX Mask Control 1000ml


Botox Mask elaborated with the Exclusive Fiber Protein – a mix of oils and proteins with intense restoring technology that returns nutrients and amino-acids to hair, reduces volume, eliminates frizz and lets hair strands extremely soft.

Paraben Free

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BTX Botox Mask

The essence of the professional long-term effect hair structure restoration procedure is the restoration of fragile, dyed, chemically affected, lightened and bleached hair structure thanks to the unique  “Fiber Protein”  complex of oils and proteins contained in botox mask. “Building” materials and valuable amino acids are returned to the hair. 

After the procedure, the hair becomes resistant to moisture and rain, no longer tangles, becomes easier to comb, elastic, flexible, falls wonderfully, reflects ambient light, is protected from daily mechanical and chemical damage, and the exclusive protein complex strengthens the hair cuticle, not to mention extremely convenient and quick side of daily maintenance. This procedure can restore all types of hair, including undyed or chemically treated (dyed, bleached, chemically curled or straightened) hair.

  • Effect of the procedure – maximum improvement of the hair structure lasting 4-8 weeks, hair resistance, shine and softness
  • It reduces the feeling, puffiness, volume control
  • During the procedure, the hair is protected from high electric current. temperature effects of the straightener/tongs due to the special components contained in the composition
  • The procedure can be performed after chemical combing and any type of dyeing (1-2 weeks after dyeing), hair can be dyed immediately after the procedure
  • After the procedure, the client’s daily hair care becomes easier, combing becomes easier and shorter – on average it takes even 75% less time, the amount of tools used for daily hair care is significantly reduced
  • During the procedure, it is recommended to observe special safety requirements in the salon, use special equipment (gloves, masks, eye and ear protection, etc.), professionally ventilate the room, perform an allergy test for the client, and observe general professional safety rules

Coconut Oil, Quinoa Extract

How to Use

1. With cleansed and moist hair, apply the product, section by section using a thin comb. Leave on for 45 minutes. Do not exceed 60 minutes from the end of application. 2. Rinse the hair with warm or cool water (without shampoo), removing the product completely from the hair. 3. Blow-dry and iron the hair.

Warning: Try a small amount of product on a small section of the hair to try its resistance and check the time exposure for desired results. 

Procedure: Separate and isolate sections of hair from the side of the head, as this is the most sensitive area when directly exposed to physical and chemical damage. Wear gloves and start applying the product on the Test Section 0.20 in (0.5 cm) from the scalp. Spread it evenly or combing or brushing. Start counting the time from the end of the application. Check the Test Strand every 5 minutes, verifying hair manageability and the degree of relaxing until the desired change and/or whether some undesired change has occurred. Don’t exceed 60 minutes. At the end of the application, rinse thoroughly with running water, removing all product from hair; Check the time was necessary to achieve desired results. In case of Brazilian Keratine Treatments or Definitive Straightening Treats is mandatory to perform all steps of brushing and ironing. Blow-dry the test strand with a brush. After brushing, flat iron section by section, from 5-7 to get the best shape results. After the procedure, check the test section, searching for any hair damage or loss. 

Caution: For Professional Use Only. Do not use on children. “ For use on pregnant and breastfeeding women“, please see a doctor. Keep in a cool place, away from excessive light and heat. Do not apply on bruised or irritated scalp. This product should only be used for its intended purpose, being DANGEROUS for any other use. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical assistance. If irritation occurs from any component of the formula, discontinue use and seek medical assistance. Repeated applications may cause hair loss or change hair color. External use only.


Dermatologically Tested

Size: 1000ml


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